Episode 11 - Switching Brushes / Sticks

In this episode of The Drum Hang I give you techniques for seamless switching of implements. Brushes to sticks to brushes to whatever! It takes thought and PRACTICE to be ready for anything on the bandstand. In this video I show you several methods and tips that work for me. This is the stuff that really separates the pros from the amateurs.

Episode 9 - Trading 4's Doug Weiss (Al Foster)

The launch of my interview series Trading 4's, this episode features Doug Weiss. Doug has been Al Foster's bassist for over 25 years and during this interview he gives insight into Al's playing, composing, and what makes Al such a special and nurturing human. (BTW, Doug and I also spoke at length about Bill Stewart, Brian Blade, Leon Parker and the special connection between the bass and drums, these conversations will be posted in upcoming episodes!)

Episode 8 - Hand to Foot Singles

In this episode of The Drum Hang we get inspired to play single strokes between our right hand and right foot. First we watch the masters Roy Haynes and Tony Williams utilize this idea. Then I give you some easy to use ideas, followed by Obed Calvaire showing us what is really possible by playing amazingly clean and fast singles during a great solo!

Episode 7 - Mel Lewis and Rub-a-Dub

In this episode of The Drum Hang we dive into the playing of Mel Lewis and specifically his use of a sticking called Rub-a-Dub. This sticking not only works for a comping/time pattern but also importantly it works great when playing written figures within a big band. Mel Lewis was a master of Rub-a-Dub and in this episode you can see him play it himself in some very rare footage.

Nose Cone PDF.jpg
RubDub Doc.jpg

Episode 6 - Brush Patterns

In this episode of The Drum Hang I show you three brush patterns that will get you through any jazz gig. I also give my advice on how to successfully play matched grip brushes. This is the tip of the iceberg, online private study is available. Let's hang! chrissmithjazzdrums@gmail.com

Episode 3 - Up, Down, and Loose

In this episode of The Drum Hang, we check out Edgar Bateman and Al Foster's approach to not only playing down the drums, but playing up the drums in unique ways! This vocabulary (transcription below video) is all about fluid loose motion, articulate sticking, and interesting tom melodies! This is the tip of the iceberg, online private study is available. Let's hang! Reach me at chrissmithjazzdrums@gmail.com